Motorcycles are fun and fuel efficient; these characteristic has made the go-to mode of personal transportation. The Agility motorcycles offer during traffic has made them a favorite in the urban setting. The bitter truth is that you are 30 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash compared to a car crash. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nearly half of all motorcycle fatalities of motorcycle crashes are the result of single-vehicle crashes. When riding a bike, you must exercise caution on the road. Here are tips on motorcycle riding safety.
Buy a bike that you can handleMotorbike 01

You will be surprised by today’s bike’s performance. Motorcycles have small but yet powerful displacement engines. Buyers are easily impressed by Superbikes and opt to acquire them for day to day activities. When looking for a bike look for one that you can easily. A smaller model with 150 to 300 cc will put you at lesser risk. If you are commuting via the highway, constantly look for a bike with 450 -700 cc. A classic bike design has perfect handle bar placement.
Hone your motorcycle skills

Having perfect road skills can come in handy in times of crisis. High hand to eye coordination helps the rider make quick life-saving skills. Most riders don’t ride regularly, and this impairs their judgment while on the road. There are specialized tracks where one can go and practice their bike riding skill away from traffic. Here you learn how to react if there is an obstacle while you are at a very high speed. The regular driving lesson teaches you the basics, and the track teaches you to cope with others.
Always reason while on the road

Motorbike 04While on the road always reason. Road rage contributes to a lot of fatalities. Remember that your bike has no protective shell, your body plays this role. Most riders conveniently forget to wear the helmet. The helmet protects the head from sustaining fatal injuries in the event of an accident. When you are in the open, don’t just push your bike to its limit just for the thrill of it. Think of the consequences of your actions on the road and be your neighbor’s keeper.
Wear the protective gear

Sandals, jeans, and a T-shirt are a recipe for a painful disaster. Protective gear is always there to protect you. We neglect to wear reinforced jackets; gloves and body suit, mainly because they don’t fit in with our clothing. Apart from protecting your head the helmet prevents the rider from bugs while. A small bug on the highway could cost you your life.